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  • πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ The 85 South Show Chicago

    Recorded in Chicago on a Saturday night, the coldest trio in the game roast the dikes, cougars and everybody else!

  • BOOSIE IN THE TRAP | EP 392 | THE 85 SOUTH SHOW | 12.25.22

    Lil Boosie pulls up to the 85 south show trap and promotes his new movie that he produced and wrote called β€œWhere’s MJ” coming out on Christmas day. Boosie also talks about building a in house team to produce more movies and documentaries so that he can expand outside of music industry

    Where MJ...


    The 85 South Show has graced many prestigious stages . From the Apollo in New York City
    to the Sunset strip, where Richard Pryor recorded his classic but playing the Opry in Nashville is
    something altogether different. A historically segregated venue, Karlous Miller DC Young Fly,
    and Chic...

  • SNOOP DOGG IN THE TRAP | EP 388 | THE 85 SOUTH SHOW | 11.10..22

  • THE RETURN : The Macon Ghetto Legends Tour Comedy Film

    The 85 Percenters have been waiting and the time is here! The coldest live podcast has returned to touring and dropping the episodes on the internet! v Seem like the wheelchair community loves the 85 south show and the fellas bust out a song about that Wheel Chair Dick!

    The comedy trio don't sk...

  • Wade-In The Water Biloxi Live Comedy Show

    The Ghetto Legends deliver another classic podcast in front of over 8,000 comedy fans live from the β€œBiloxi Coliseum.” July 24th, Karlous Miller, Chico Bean and DC Young Fly start a roast session in Mississippi that must go down in history! Ms. Maybelline is the nickname for the elderly white ush...

  • The 85 South Show: Live in Dallas!

    DC, Karlous and Chico take the funniest live show to Grand Prairie, Texas right near Dallas and they brought Blaq Ron and Navv Greene to the party. Ron opens it up with a hilarious set and Navv Greene follows it upby roasting β€œKeisha” his whole set. Catt intros DC, Karlous and Chico and they get...

  • Return To The Jike! The Ghetto Legends Live from The Jacksonville Arena

    The funniest comedians in the game return to the jike to perform at the Jacksonville vystar memorial arena in front of over 7000 people. Dc young fly, Karlous Miller and Chico bean waste no time roasting everybody in Duval from the white people up in the front row to the all the drunk handicapped...

  • The Greenville Ghetto Legends

    A hilarious comedy show from South Carolina

  • "Harry's Revenge" The Fayetteville Live Show

    Everybody got roasted but ya gotta see what happened to Harry! DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean deliver a hilarious comedy show thats funny from start to finish!!!!


    Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly, and Chico Bean bring nothing but comedy to Charleston! They're talking bout that real shit you never hear any where else! This is the rawest improv comedy show on the planet! Sit back and enjoy the coldest podcast live!


  • A Live Comedy Special: 12k in N.C.

    In front of over 12,000 fans DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean come out swinging!
    Dropping another classic freestyle off the top the team waste no time roasting everybody in
    the building! The white people get it! Everybody in the front row gets its! The women with the eyelash extensio...