Project Karlous

Project Karlous

2 Episodes

Karlous got alot mo' cars than you think! Watch him buy, build and cruise in some of his favorite rides! Plus listen as he breaks down the process of restoring classics!

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Project Karlous
  • Project Karlous : Episode 1

    Episode 1

    Get a lil peak at just a few a the cars Lous is working on plus take a ride with Clayton and Karlous through the country as they ride in a '72 baby blue impala! Plus, Karlous introduces us to some of his partners in the car collecting game and we meet Karlous' brother Chuckie as they answer car q...

  • Project Karlous: Episode Two w/ Fendi P

    Episode 2

    Karlous takes you to his car show and rides with Jet Life interviews the woman in the car bidness The Rim Lady!